President:Peter Hobbs M.A(Oxon),C.C.I.P.D., F.R.S.A.


Chairman: Barry Rampton 01304849112


Assistant-Chairman:  Di Mouzakitis


                     Hon. Treasurer: Janet Holness


                     Events Secretary: Barbara Rampton


                     Minute Secretary: Pauline Hodding


                     Raffle Secretaries: Mary Bowden & Eileen Seddon


                      Press Officer: Ann Palmer



                      Village Hall Rep: Janice Willett


                      Trip Organisers:  


Committee:  Di Mouzakitis , Carol Goodall, Michael Parker




The Gardening Club welcomes all villagers to take part in its programme of events for 2018/19. We have over 50 members and are always happy to see new ones. You don’t have to be a plant expert in any way! There is something for every level of skill and interest.

Our programme of speakers for 2018/19 is listed on the Programme page. These events are for everyone, whether a member or not. To help with costs there is a charge of £2 for non-members.

Annual membership subscription for 2019 is £5 per person,   

If you would like further details about the Gardening Club, contact: Chairman– Barry Rampton – Tel: 01304849112


Monthly Reports 2018/19




Nonington Garden Club had its latest meeting on 9 May 2018 in the Village Hall, which gave members a chance to rest from their labours over the recent Bank Holiday which was lovely and warm!

The speaker was Sue Buckingham on ‘The Thrill of Wild Orchids’. She gave us a very entertaining speech on the names of many orchids. It was obvious from her lovely photos how the orchids came to be so aptly named after animals and humans.

The monthly competition was ‘An Indoor Orchid Plant’ attracted a number of entries with first prize going to Jane Vurley, followed up by Pat Clayton and Pauline Hales.

The Club will be having a stall at the summer fete on 15 July and if members have any plants, vegetables, jam etc to donate that would be wonderful. There will also be a flower arranging competition for a display that is a maximum of 9” high by 9” wide.

There will be several trips including a visit to Marshborough on 21 June and please let the club know if you wish to come at the next meeting on 13th June. The Speaker will be Sue Marshall talking about ‘The English Love Affair with Irises’ and if you have a lovely iris please bring it along for the monthly competition.  


Winners of the Monthly Competition

An Indoor Orchid Plant


On the evening of Wednesday 13th June the Garden Club had an extremely interesting talk on Irises from Sue Marshall of Sissinghurst.
Sue began by telling members the history of the Iris and how the rhizome was used for medicinal purposes as Orris. She then continued by telling the audience of the different types of irises and what the conditions are needed for growing them-damp, sun or part shade and soil type. It was interesting to note that some plants flower twice a year.  Irises fall into two main groups, bearded and non bearded which, include tall bearded, intermediate, short bearded, Sibirica and Ensata. Members were then treated to a spectacular  slide show of some of the 10,000 Sue grows at her nursery. A lot of the plants are used at Shows including Chelsea. They come in all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes.
Sue was warmly thanked by all the members.
The winner of the monthly competition was Pauline Hales with a beautiful small black iris.
Next month's meeting is on the 11th July when the Speaker will be Katherine Lynn of Ticehurst talking about , How To Love Weeds and the competition is, 3 Weeds in a Mug.


Nonington Garden Club held its latest meeting on 11 July 2018 in the Village Hall and was well attended despite being in competition with England playing in the semi-final for the Football World Cup.

The speaker was Kathrine Lynn on ‘How to Love Weeds’ which was very enjoyable as we all manage to grow weeds whether we want to or not! A weed can be considered as a plant growing in the wrong place or whose value has not been discovered yet eg for medicinal use. Weeds can be minimised by close planting of desirable plants and ground cover plants.

The monthly competition was ‘3 Weeds in a Mug’ which attracted a lot of entries with first prize going to Pat Clayton, followed up by Ann Palmer and Pauline Hales.

Lesley Pilcher was remembered with a poem ‘There is Peace Within a Garden’ which was included in her funeral service earlier in the day. Lesley enjoyed gardening as her second career and trained with the RHS.

As usual there is no meeting in August but members and partners are invited to come to a Barbeque at Barry and Barb’s – please let them know if you are planning to attend.

The next meeting will be on the 12th September on ‘National Plant Collections’ by Philip Oostenbrink in the Village Hall, Nonington at 7.30pm. The competition will be “3 Roses of any Variety in a Vase.”



On Wednesday 12th September the Garden Club had a most interesting evening thanks to Mr Philip Oostenbrink of Ash and Head gardener of Canterbury Cathedral. His talk for the evening was "National Plant Collections".
The evening commenced with the Chairman, Barry Rampton, talking to members about what the should be doing in their garden during September. He then went on to remind members about the "There Not There" evening on Sunday 14th October entitled "Lest We Forget" in the Village Hall. This will be an evening of music, prose, archive film, family memories and a wartime supper. Tickets available from 01304849112 and are priced at £8.00.
Mr Oostenbrink then told members how the National Plant Collections evolved  starting with someone having a passion for one particular plant which could run into hundreds depending on the type of plant and then applying to   Plant Heritage for National Collection status.
He then went on to tell members how his three National Collections came about, Aspidistras,  Hakonechloa macra and  Ophiopogon.  He showed many photographs and was a very humorous speaker .
The monthly competition was won by Barbara Rampton.
Next months meeting on the 10th October will be Miss Morris of Herne Bay talking about "House and Air Plants.
New members and guests are always welcome.



Nonington Garden Club held its latest meeting on 10 October 2018 in the Village Hall and was well attended. The speaker was Mercy Morris of Herne Bay on the topic of ‘House and Air Plants’ which was very interesting. We learnt that people keep live plants indoors as they enjoy nurturing something. Succulent plants have become trendy recently with photographs being placed on social media.

Some people think of their living plants as pets and can be very upset when one dies. Cuttings of plants can also be passed down the generations of a family. The competition was ‘A Flowering Pot Plant ’with Val, Carol and Ann in the top 3 with a variety of orchids.

A draft schedule of the classes for the Spring Show was made available so that planning and planting of bulbs can be started now in time for the show. The Christmas celebration will be in the usual format as agreed by members.

The next meeting will be held on 14th November and the Speaker will be David Bradley on ‘Fruit Growing in Kent’. The competition will be ‘An Arrangement of Foliage’ (no flowers).



Nonington Garden Club held its latest meeting on 14 November 2018 in the Village Hall and was very well attended. The speaker was David Bradley on the subject of ‘Apple Growing in Kent’. There were a lot of interesting facts about commercial fruit growing, one of which was that cider was legal tender for agricultural workers until 1917!

The competition was ‘an arrangement of foliage’ with lots of lovely autumn colours. The top 3 entries came from Cheryl, Barbara and Barry.

Thanks were given to Angela Worman for laying a wreath on behalf of the Club at the recent Remembrance Sunday service.

In December instead of a meeting there will be Christmas festivities and if you wish to attend please inform the Chairman, if you haven’t already added your name to the list.

The Spring Show will be on 30 March 2019 so now is the time to start planning and planting your entries. The photograph category will be a photo of ‘Your Garden in Winter’ so you need to be looking for photo opportunities over the coming months.



Nonington Garden Club held its Christmas Party on 12 December 2018 in the Village Hall which looked very festive with lights and decorations. There was a quiz and carol singing and entertainment from the ‘Two Barrys’. There was a lovely spread of food provided by members and a lovely fruit punch. There was a sad note as we were informed that one of our members, Eric Hawkes died yesterday after being ill for some time. 

The first meeting of 2019 will be on Wednesday 9 January at 7.30pm in Nonington Village Hall. New people are always welcome to come along as guests and can join the club another time if they enjoy the experience. The speaker in January will be Jackie Aviolet on ‘Herbs and their Uses’ which may appeal to a wider group of people than gardeners. The competition will be ‘An original poem about herbs’ so you may want to sit down and write something when the weather isn’t favourable for gardening!





Nonington Gardening Club’s first meeting of 2019 was held on Wednesday 9th January. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in Nonington Village Hall. New people are always welcome to come along as guests and visitors were welcomed from Shepherdswell and South Africa.

Members were given a programme for the Spring Show to be held on 30th March so that they have time to plan which categories they wish to enter. The Garden Open Days will be held on 29th and 30th June and if you wish to open your garden please contact the Chairman for further information.

 The speaker was Jackie Aviolet on ‘Herbs and their Uses’. As on her previous visits, Jackie was very entertaining as she explained that a lot of herbs were introduced by the Romans. Herbs can be edible which is why gardeners grow them today and the other uses are medicinal and cosmetic.

The competition was an ‘An original poem about herbs’ which proved popular and the winning 3 by Pauline Hodding, Dick Henley and Libby Merricks were read out. The next meeting is 13th February and the speaker will be Steve Edney on ‘the Salutation Gardens’ which are in nearby Sandwich. The competition will be ‘A photograph of your garden’ so start snapping or searching your albums in readiness.




As a child living in Sandwich I wondered what lay behind the old brick and flint high wall of the Salutation grounds. Of course, in recent years the secrets have been revealed, with the gardens being open to the public. Steve Edney, the head gardener there, told us more at the February 13th meeting of the club.

The theme of the illustrated talk was “Succession Planting”, but Steve also included anecdotes about his encounters with celebrities in the gardening world, e.g. at the Hampton Court Flower Show where his garden won a gold medal. This year he will be showing at Chelsea too.

 He told us about re-establishing the Salutation garden after the flood 5 years ago and how he now approaches the planning. The rules he uses start with “Know what you plant” and “Know your soil”.  We were advised to choose plants with long flowering seasons and good foliage cover. He also talked about:  “Succession on the Wild Side” in the wild flower meadow where 10,000 bulbs have been planted to attract pollinating insects. This is a low maintenance area, where, with the right mowing regime, wild plants, such as the Birds Nest Orchid, have established themselves unaided.  There were many other helpful suggestions about plant characteristics which were greeted with appreciative sounds from the audience.

Steve was introduced and thanked by Di Mouzakitis as  Barry Rampton is recovering from illness. Everyone wished him well. The photo competition was won by Barbara Rampton, with Pauline Hodding and Pat Clayton second and third. The next meeting is on March 13th at 7.30 pm  in the village hall when Anita Sedgewick will speak on “The Historic Landscape of Kearsney Abbey”. The competition is for a vase of 3 spring flowers. All are welcome. Also on March 30th the Spring Show takes place. This is open to all.


Nonington Gardening Club’s March meeting was held on a windy evening on Wednesday 13th. The Chairman was welcomed back after recovering from recent illness. Members are looking forward to the Spring Show to be held on Saturday 30th March at 2pm. Donations of cakes will be welcomed and can be taken to the Village Hall in the morning.

Anita Sedgewick from Dover District Council gave us an interesting talk on the ‘Historic Landscapes of Kearsney Parks’. The gardens are currently being restored and the project is due to be completed in June 2020. The car park and toilet facilities will be improved enabling the parks to be enjoyed by more people. Members had memories of playing in the parks as youngsters and are looking forward to visiting the gardens in the future. 

The competition was ‘a Vase of 3 Spring Flowers’ and first place was taken by Mary Rance with Pauline Hodding and Barbara Rampton taking 2nd and 3rd places.

The Club’s 5th Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th April at 7.30pm. Please bring your own nibbles to enjoy with a glass of wine. There will not be a competition at this meeting as the overall winner from the year will be announced.


Our next event will be the OPEN GARDENS WEEKEND Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th June 2019.


More details to follow.





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